I absolutely love Free People, ever since I shipped a vegan leather jacket over from California and had to pay near enough the cost of the jacket in import tax! Needless to say, the jacket is wonderful and my favourite item. So, I jumped at the opportunity to enter their UK blogger competition and here is my entry.


I studied my University degree in Southampton and despite being so close, never ventured down to Brighton until my final year, what a mistake! Brighton is an eclectic city, steeped in culture; museums, art, cinema, festivals, theatre, music and nightlife are  just some of the elements which make this city so special and unique. Not to mention eating fish and chips in newspaper, the truly British way, fighting off seagulls on Brighton Pier. The Lanes are famous to Brighton; a collection of narrow windy streets where you will find small, individual shops, including those selling vintage clothes and antiques. 

Sun, sea, sand, sky, the free spirit and inclusive nature of the city inspire me. I believe it reflects the ethos of Free People: spirit, creativity, femininity, and individuality. 

Boho chic rubs shoulders with classic Georgian architecture. The vibe of the city is laid back, funky but buzzing with anticipation of hidden treats; wonderful eats like handmade chocolate, organic pancakes, soups and ice creams, or finding that perfect aztec Moroccan inspired bag. 

Brighton suits every shopper; you will find all major high street brands, whilst having the option of going off piste and exploring the many individually owned and run boutiques, restaurants, caf├ęs and bars. 
The rich diversity of the city means there is something to suit all tastes, and ages; from bars to bowls, and synchronised swimming to skinny dipping.   

All of these attributes make Brighton an inspirational place for me; a place of enrichment for mind, body and soul.  

 All photographs taken by myself and the lovely Milly Tomalin.  

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